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The ShirksDangerous/Young and Filthy/Get Out7″Big Neck Records So enigmatic…Try as I might (and I tried very hard indeed), I couldn’t find a single piece of information on this band. Their presence on Big Neck leads me to assume they are American, and a wee blurb I read somewhere suggests that they might possibly be from […]

Kung Fu KillersNow More Than Ever/I Want To GoRaise High The Black Flag/Break Down The WallsHippies in Punk Clothing/Welcome To The Prison PlanetGet Used To It/Your BullshitFeel My Fists, Feel My Fury/Shock Xpressset of 7” singlesZodiac Killer Records My first thought on receiving this vinyl quintet from Whippany, New Jersey’s Kung Fu Killers: five singles? […]

CD reviews, Dec. 10 Adam WestESP: Extra Sexual PerceptionPeople Like You If it sounds like the amps are buzzing much quieter in the rock universe these days it’s probably because the thunder express has made its last stop and The Hellacopters and Adam West both got off and walked away into rock n’ roll immortality. […]

CD reviews, December 7 Eagles of Death MetalHeart OnDowntown Recordings Think of the Eagles of Death Metal as a vibrator. When running at full power they titillate and shoot you full of electricity. They may even make you wet, who knows. But on Heart On the batteries seem to be running low, and now the […]

Where’s Pepsi?Sometimes our writers go missing. It happens. Nobody’s seen long-time Sleazegrinder scribe Pepsi Sheen for months, though, and we’re getting sorta nervous. Is he on a plane, with cocaine?Is he on top of the world, looking down on creation?Where can Pepsi be?I tell you this, when nobody’s heard from him for awhile, waifish rock […]

New CD reviews, Dec 3rd. The BronxThe Bronx IIIWhite Drugs I know this dude who can’t listen to The Bronx anymore because his ex-girlfriend is fucking the bass player. It totally sucks when chicks ruin rock n’ roll for you, man, and I feel for him ’cause I’ve been there. But The Bronx is so […]

CD Reviews, December 2-ish.Want to send us something? Email Sleaze for the address. Twisted SisterLive At The AstoriaWednesday 13F**k It We’ll Do It LiveDR2 Here we have two twofers in the shock-rocking beast categories up for a best in show for the old dogs and young wags. Panto dames without props Twisted Fucking Sister unleash […]