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Cozy wanna know: how much denim can you take?

People think the bubble-glam movement of the mid 70’s was all tartan shorts and soccer balls, but there were some real knockabout types in that scene. Slade would stab you with a broken bottle just for lookin’ at them sideways and the Bay City Rollers were holy fucking terrors who left a decade-long trail of […]

When the Toxenes play, everyone dies

  A mere four days from now, the new Toxenes single will be unloosed upon an unsuspecting world by the reckless fiends at Killjoy Records. There’s a couple tracks available now on their Bandcamp page, and they are wild and savage rockers, full of all the venom, spit and motor oil you’d expect from this […]

Don’t Drink the Devil’s Blood

First of all, if you are not familiar with the Electric Street Queens, they are easily one of the most heart-palpitatingly intense, party-starting, glue-huffing, shoot-the-hostages punk n’ roll bands in existence. I’m not even exaggerating. Well I am, but really only a little. ESQ’s Lead Kween Coco Roy is also a gifted painter and film-maker, […]