First of all I am always gonna be on aboard with a band that has the audacity to call itself King Zebra. If, like myself, the name made you think of  70’s hard rock almost-weres Zebra and 80’s glam wowie-zowies King Kobra, you’re in luck because King Zebra treads along a similar path as those long-gone rockers. A shameless and feckless ode to the high-stakes, big-ticket debauchery of the Me Decade, King Zebra has all the bells and whistles you’d want out of a sleazy hard-rock band. These Swiss misters have been at it for half a dozen years now but the recent addition of Yank howler Eric St Michael (China/Big Trouble) has clearly invigorated the band as evidenced by their scorching new single, Bad Idea. Watch the official clip below and stay tuned to their FB page for more.