Look, this might be the twilight of civilization as we know it, so why mince words? At the end of the day, it’s entirely possible that The Dwarves are the greatest rock n’ roll band to ever exist.  Seriously, could the fucking Beatles write a song like Free Cocaine? Or We Must Have Blood? Or Detention Girl? In their dreams, maybe.  So we don’t have to belabor too much here. The facts on the ground are that the most dangerous band in the world is sliding into middle-middle-age with no apparent plans to slow down or act like responsible adults. Every song on Take Back the Night is either about fighting or fucking and like most Dwarves albums, it vacillates wildly between catchy, hook-heavy rock n’ roll and thrashy, throw-away speed punk. The good songs are some of the best they’ve done in a decade and the whole thing is over in 23 minutes. I love it. I do sorta miss the days when they would come to town every six months to charge us all $25, brawl with the audience for 15 minutes, play 3 songs and then leave, but I can always just crank this and lob coffee mugs at my living room windows or whatever. I’d also like to point out that Monster Magnet, Turbonegro and Fu Manchu also have new albums either out or on the way, so it looks like 2018 is set to be a much better year than any of us expected.  In rock n’ roll terms, at least. The rest will probably be a disaster.

– Sleazegrinder

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