Saw these guys in LA last year on a frankly stunning triple bill with Crazy Squeeze and Superbees that authentically and thoroughly restored my faith in rock n’ roll. Telephone Lovers have a niche, and they do it better than any band I can think of. It’s a late 70’s power-pop/rock n’ roll mash-up that sounds sorta like Chinatown-era Thin Lizzy with a Cheap Trick twist. Maybe throw in a little Rick Springfield and a little Johnny Thunders, too. It’s like they learned everything they know from reading an issue of Creem magazine in the summer of ’79. Even if you weren’t alive back then, surely you can imagine the intoxicating sights sounds and smells of a pre-technology rock n’ roll world that suddenly abandoned bloated prog-rock and f**king James Taylor and decided that The Knack was the greatest band around and two-minute power-pop songs were the new best thing ever. After a decade’s worth of Peter Frampton, it was all pretty exciting.  Telephone Lovers channel that vibe perfectly and every song I’ve heard from ’em so far have sounded like hits. Hits from 35 years ago sure, but hits, nonetheless. And this new single is no exception. Both jams are hook-heavy head-boppers, perfect for dive bar jukeboxes and teenage record hops alike. 7″ vinyl available for pre-order. You can wear out the Mp3s while you wait.