Tiger bands can go either way. Prior to what I’m about to tell you, the only ones I could for sure vouch for were Germany’s own Tiger B Smith, whose 1974 album We’re The Tiger Bunch is a stone-cold glam-prog classic, and Nashville garage rockers Tiger High, who released a killer album with the irresistible title Inside the Acid Coven back in 2014. Please make a new one soon fellas. Glass Tiger, Tygers of Pan Tang, Pride TigerTigertailz, all had their moments but none of ’em felt tiger-y enough, did they? These guys live up to it, though. Rabbit Grab is the debut single from Portland’s own Tiger Touch, and it’s a total jammer. Getting it this right so quickly is probably a curse, but let’s just ride the wave while we can. Both songs are straight-up propulsive, shot out of the proverbial cannon, two furious, screaming glitter-bombs featuring a searing, singe-your-eyebrows triple axe attack that’s tough and menacing but accessible enough to get the kids out on the dancefloor. Rabbit Grab doesn’t necessarily sound like The Fun ThingsSavage (AKA the greatest single of all time) but it sure the hell FEELS like it, you know? Like once it starts you just can’t stop it, it’s like some smoke belching runaway locomotive that’ll just mow down whatever’s in its path. And the flip,  Can’t Make It On Time, has that effortlessly cool late 70’s Thin Lizzy/Radio Birdman kinda hard-stomping rave-up vibe. You get what I’m saying? It’s EXCITING, man. It’s like Saturday night forever and ever. Best Tiger band in operation, for sure. Unless Tiger B Smith gets back together.

Check out the video from Rabbit Grab below and grab the single from Dead Beat!

PS for historical purposes: