The Cavemen are gonna kill us all

  If you think New Zealand rock n’ roll, you will invariably think of Flying Nun records and their…I don’t even know, was it like proto-twee pop? Some kinda of post-punk thing? Anyway, it was garbage. This is not that. The Cavemen NZ are sick, sadistic rock n’ roll animals. They’re like The Mummies, only with gnarly […]

Happy V Day from the Electric Street Queens

Valentine’s day can be a rough one for the love-lorn out there but cheer up Miss/Mr. Lonelyhearts, because Boston’s premier glam-punks Electric Street Queens are back with a tasty V-day treat just for you! Hot off the (high) heels of their incredible 2017 album Queen Sized, ESQ returned to the studio and spewed out this […]